Wentworth Clean Power Active Projects

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WCP’s lead projects are located in Teesside, Redcar and Cleveland in Northeast England.

Hybrid and Linked Projects

Wherever possible, WCP will seek to implement hybrid projects and also link and integrate process aspects, in order to achieve economies of funding, greater overall process enhancement and efficiency and maximum valorisation and recovery of and from feedstocks.

EPC and O&M partners

The Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) market in the UK has changed considerably over the past few years, with a number of major EPC contractors withdrawing from the WtE market. This has necessitated reflection on the optimum achievable delivery model.


Despite growing positive references for pure EPC(M) delivery, WCP’s initial projects may still be required to be delivered on a turnkey basis, by a bankable and proven contractor, in order to align with project construction funders’ expectations and requirements. 


WCP has rigorously screened potential EPC contractors and has positively evaluated a number of these. However, WCP is also working towards development of its own internal competencies to enable, eventually, hybrid delivery models to be delivered.


WCP will effect the most efficient Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contracts balancing what construction funders will require and what is in the best interests of each project. The O&M contracts will guarantee the level of lifetime performance of the plants.  These O&M contracts will be underwritten and delivered by proven and bankable O&M contractors, with direct experience of operating and maintaining such plants. 


These agreements will be supported, as required, by each Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).


WPC has also rigorously screened potential O&M contractors and has positively evaluated a number of these.