Wentworth Clean Power Waste-to-Value

Redefining Waste Processing in the UK

To align with the circular economy principle, WCP has conceived a broad-spectrum approach to material recovery from waste. In accordance with the waste hierarchy, it will recycle or reuse as much as possible and then utilise what has no salvageable value as a fuel for energy production.

In addition, WCP seeks to minimise return to landfill by integrating ash recycling technology, to help with carbon neutral construction material and other innovative uses.

WCP’s further innovation is the integration of carbon capture.

In all, WCP’s project is an integrated waste-to-value concept, built upon conventional waste to energy utilising the most advanced grate technology. The multiple feedstock and product streams future proof the plant.

Hydrogen Ready

WCP is evaluating current and emerging technologies for self-generation of hydrogen.

Beyond Best Practice

WCP will utilise the latest advanced combustion grate technology capable of handling multiple feedstock streams. In addition, it will employ a multi-step, advanced flue gas clean-up process to ensure that any gaseous emissions are even lower than the current mandated BREF limits.

Novel Waste Stream Processing

As well as refining existing processes for handling wastes, WCP’s plants will be of a standard of technology that will enable them to accept wastes which can currently only go to landfill.

The differentiated and future proofed plant concept utilising multiple feedstock streams ensures longevity by requiring non-disruptive volumes of each feedstock from the local area and its surroundings.

Maximum Material Recovery and Transparency

As for all WCP’s projects, there is an all-encompassing view regarding materials entering and exiting the plant, as well as the impact of travel and transport to and from the site. No aspect is ignored.

Supplying the Local Community and Industry

Localisation is the future of low-carbon economies. WCP plans to maximise this to the greatest extent possible in terms of supply chains, fabrication, work force and product offtakes.