About WCP

On this page: Our mission; Our core principles; What we stand for

Our Mission

Wentworth Clean Power has been established to develop exemplar green solutions to the waste and energy problems which exist worldwide today. These issues are, in particular:  increasing waste production, the climate emergency and the evolving challenges identified as a result of ongoing changes to National Policy Statements and Environmental Bills.

In line with the objectives recently articulated in COP26, the Climate Change Committee’s publications and those embedded in the 6th Carbon Budget, WCP is striving to:

  • Significantly contribute to reaching the UK’s statutory net-zero emissions target by 2050, although WCP is working to a more urgent timescale
  • Contribute to implementation of a low carbon perspective and methodology for the planning, fabrication, construction and operation of all its energy projects
  • Simultaneously tackle the UK’s waste generation problem through delivery of renewable energy with recovery and generation of high-value products from waste streams and incineration products
  • Contribute to a scientific and analytic approach to resource maximisation and reuse

Our Core Principles


With our wide-ranging and holistic expertise we aim to deliver the following:

  • Optimised technical concepts and solutions
  • Winning project structures and rationales integrating WCP’s IP
  • Optimised financing structures and costs
  • Bespoke selection and integration of suitable technologies to optimise EBITDA to capex with compelling economics


WCP’s emphasis on internalisation of development activities promotes its differentiated ethos. Its plants must abide by the following:

  • Integrated climate change mitigation through CO₂ capture
  • Machine learning based optimisation of feedstock mixes
  • Optimum environmental profile through a process of continual improvement 
  • Maximum efficiency of material recovery
  • WCP’s construction and operation models


We believe the following features strengthen the long term validity of our projects:

  • Attractive gate fees and the positioning of the project in the existing and upcoming supply chains
  • The long-term availability of the feedstock
  • Robustness and variation of feedstocks
  • Avoidance of disruption to market dynamics of feedstock supply
  • Leveraging of spot market availability
  • Most appropriate concept and technology with continuous lifecycle upgrade and reinvestment
  • Production of high value products with long-term growing markets

Holistic / Sustainable Approach

A critical feature of WCP’s projects is their long-term contribution to mitigating climate change. At a local and community level, they will offer both a high degree of engagement and demonstrate holistic and sustainable characteristics as follows:  

  • Enhance local areas through jobs and career pathways, education and training opportunities
  • Other output benefits based on community and project requirements and possibilities
  • Social and environmental exemplar: on-site biodiversity promotion and anticipated environmental net gains
  • True waste-to-value focus at all levels of the projects

What we Stand for


Our business is eponymously designated and we always care to make a difference. We follow rigorously our ethos and principles in every task and target we undertake.


Since our focus is on the extraction of value and energy from waste,  “clean”, for us, means  ensuring there is always  a reduction in any returns to landfill as well as no unutilised residual value, and minimised gaseous emissions.



“Power” encompasses the electricity and energy which underpin our mode of living and material progress. We know that the requirement for energy will continue to increase, thus we seek to operate in – and improve – the space that deals with the extraction of energy and all other value from waste. It is our ambition is to provide these outputs to communities directly as soon as possible.