Powering the UK Circular Economy

Welcome to Wentworth Clean Power

We are an innovative  project development and implementation company with the drive and vision to make a real difference to the planetary emergencies of energy security, climate change and resource scarcity

We are focussed on true carbon reduction, not just in terms of emissions, but also in terms of measuring and minimising embedded carbon in supply chains for fabrication, construction and operation. 

We seek to produce clean and sustainable energy – electricity, heat or cooling – and high-value, sustainable products.

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A UK Based Project Developer

Based in Southeast England, we are focussed on developing, financing and implementing waste-to-energy and waste-to-value projects, leveraging our mature expertise of relevant UK and global markets. 

Our wealth of in-house experience and project and financing related skills, enable us to maintain an efficient small developer approach to our projects and we are able to enhance our teams as required with best-in-class external advisers and consultants. 

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Market Shifting Unique Offerings

Our distinctive style of project development entails a disciplined and gated process permitting a clear focus on achievable milestones. WCPs management and mitigation of risks are key to successful accomplishment of project objectives.  We strive always to maintain sight of our ultimate goals of sustainability and best positioning in the waste and energy supply chains and associated practices. 

The projects we develop are innovative, differentiated and future-proofed. With our eye always on the R&D, OEM and contractor markets, we are able to keep up to date with the vanguard of technology and process offerings. This enables us to ensure our projects will be resilient both to time and increasingly stringent regulations. 

Community is at the heart of our projects as we develop strategies to ensure local people benefit from WCP’s activities. These benefits extend beyond work opportunities. We believe material reclamation and power production can offer potential for communal prosperity and enrichment. 

Established by Senior Energy and Financial Experts

For the development, financing and delivery of clean renewable energy projects which generate heat and power and produce additional high-value products.

WCP is focussed on the true valorisation of multiple different waste streams. Leveraging deep knowledge and experience, our core team innovates and defines exemplar concepts and their successful implementation.  

Cutting Emissions is Critical

WCP is committed to reducing gaseous emissions to the absolute minimum. Our concepts envisage the most advanced flue gas cleaning processes, resulting in emissions being far below those levels mandated by current BREF limits.

We do not consider there to be any reason for implementing plants without carbon capture capabilities today. WCP is not waiting for a policy mandate.

WCP is scrupulous in examining the emissions profile of all its project activities. These include all deliveries to and from the sites, fabrication of construction materials and equipment, construction and operation and maintenance.